Add-on Packages Overview

MOTOTALK is our new smartphone Push To Talk (PTT) app that lets iPhone and Android smartphone users communicate with each other and Southern Linc phones via PTT.

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Text Messaging, Picture Messaging & Web Browsing

Say it with a text message. Send it with a picture. Post it to the Web. We have all the tools you need to get it done.

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Fleet Management Solutions

Location-based software solutions leverage GPS and wireless technology to provide optimal oversight for businesses with a remote work force.

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Regional Data Packages

Today's phones can do amazing things. Get the data package that's right for you to get the most from your mobile device.

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Voice Mail

No one can afford to miss a call. That's why we offer an enhanced Voice Mail option in addition to the standard Voice Mail, which is included in many of our service plans.

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Selective Dynamic Group Calling

Selective Dynamic Group Call (SDGC) gives users the ability to create a customized group list on their phone at any time and initiate a PTT call to that group.

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Directory Assistance

You can dial 411 from you phone and receive telephone numbers, driving directions, sports scores, local movie times, weather reports and much more. It is even available in Spanish.

$1.19 per call plus airtime