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Alabama State Contract - #210000000351-999-1 (MA-Statewide Mission Critical Push to Talk, MCPTT)

In today's environment, you and other local government leaders are being asked to address additional security requirements despite increasingly tight budgets. The dilemma: where can you cut back without compromising the services and the safety you provide? Reviewing how you spend your telecommunications dollars just might be the place to begin.

You have to stay on budget. Southern Linc can help.

You'll find real cost-savings in our advanced wireless technology that combines a host of communications tools into a single piece of equipment. You can get private and group Push To Talk 2-way radio, cell phone, text messaging, Internet access, and wireless access to databases all from one handset.

Security and Reliability for everyone who needs to stay in touch

State-of-the-art authentication and digital technology ensure that the Southern Linc network remains an inherently private environment. Staff members can hold private 2-way radio or cell phone conversations across the state, or across the Southeast. Without a doubt, Southern Linc delivers superior coverage throughout the region, including rural and metropolitan areas. Moreover, the network offers unparalleled reliability.

Dedicated customer service and support

You have enough to worry about. So at Southern Linc, we've dedicated specific staff and resources to supporting government agencies in billing, account creation and changes, fleet management, technical services, and more, to ensure you receive the highest level of customer service. Have a problem that needs to be solved? Southern Linc representatives can have customized solutions ready in a matter of weeks rather than several months.

Whatever branch, department or division you need to communicate with, Southern Linc is the best solution for you.


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