Mobile Hotspot Policy

This Mobile Hotspot Policy supplements Southern Linc’s Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy. By using Southern Linc’s Mobile Hotspot service you agree to be bound by this Mobile Hotspot Policy. Southern Linc reserves the right to change or modify this Mobile Hotspot Policy at any time, with such changes or modifications effective when posted to this website. Use of Southern Linc’s Mobile Hotspot service after any such change or modification constitutes your acceptance of the change or modification to this Mobile Hotspot Policy.

  1. Southern Linc’s Mobile Hotspot ("Mobile Hotspot") is a data tethering service available for a monthly recurring charge. Mobile Hotspot also includes Hotspot devices on Hotspot Data Plans. Mobile Hotspot allows qualifying Southern Linc customers to share their Southern Linc network connection with other devices, so those devices can access the Internet. Other devices can connect to your Mobile Hotspot as a Wi-Fi connection. While those devices are connected, you will be charged for any data they use according to your monthly data plan.
  2. Mobile Hotspot requires a compatible device operating on the Southern Linc network and a qualifying plan. Not all devices are compatible with Mobile Hotspot. Mobile Hotspot is available to new and existing Southern Linc customers on the following plans:
    1. CriticalLinc™ Plans with Data
    2. Mobile Hotspot Data Plans
  3. The monthly recurring Mobile Hotspot charge is not prorated when added to an account and it follows the customer's billing cycle. This means that if Mobile Hotspot is added to an account in the middle of a billing cycle, for example with 10 days left, it will only be available for those 10 days before the customer is again charged for Mobile Hotspot. For the best value, Southern Linc recommends adding Mobile Hotspot at the start of a new billing cycle. Mobile Hotspot can be removed from an account at any time by calling the Customer Solution Center at 1-800-818-LINC (5462).
  4. Mobile Hotspot pricing is subject to change without notice and payments for monthly plans and features (like Mobile Hotspot) are not refundable or transferable.
  5. Mobile Hotspot will only work where Southern Linc has data coverage. Southern Linc’s coverage is not available everywhere. Please visit our coverage map for coverage information. Hotspot Data Plans do not include roaming.
  6. All data used by tethered devices connected to a Mobile Hotspot will count towards the rate plan's high-speed data access allotment. This means that if a rate plan includes a monthly allotment of 5 GB of high-speed data access and devices tethered to a Mobile Hotspot on that plan use 3 GB of high-speed data access, the customer will only have 2 GB of high-speed data access remaining during the billing cycle before the customer must pay overage charges or upgrade to a higher data plan.
  7. Customers may experience high-speed data access download speeds of up to 5 Mbps. When roaming, customers may experience high-speed data access download speeds of up to 3 Mbps; however, Hotspot Data Plans do not include roaming. Speeds are not guaranteed and will vary by device type and available coverage. Speeds on Hotspot Data Plans are reduced when plan allotment is depleted, but customers may upgrade to a higher data plan if more data is needed.
  8. Southern Linc reserves the right to block access to certain websites, content, and applications in accordance with our Terms and Conditions, Acceptable Use Policy, and Internet Practices.
  9. Devices enabled with Wi-Fi calling connected to your Mobile Hotspot may connect and complete calls using your network connection. Whenever possible, any caller using a device connected to your Mobile Hotspot should use the device’s own carrier network instead, and not your Mobile Hotspot network connection, to dial 911 in an emergency and provide the 911 operator with his/her location.
    1. If a 911 caller does dial 911 using your Mobile Hotspot network connection, these 911 calls made over Wi-Fi may disconnect, be delayed or unsuccessful, may not connect to any emergency services provider or the appropriate emergency services provider, and may not be able to identify the caller’s identity, device, telephone number, or location.
    2. To facilitate appropriate 911 call routing, you must register an emergency address (including any building, floor, or suite number) (“Emergency Address”) for your Mobile Hotspot device. This Emergency Address may be used to help locate 911 callers. You must keep the Emergency Address of your Wi-Fi Equipment up to date. We disclaim any liability in connection with your failure to register and/or update your Emergency Address, and you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless for any loss, damage or cost arising out of or related to any such failure.